TVSe Communication is a distributor of Norden Communication UK Ltd, a leading manufacturer of copper and fibre cables. Norden brings to you tested low voltage cables and optical solutions and caters to a wide spectrum of industries - Telecommunication, Building, Industrial and Utilities, Surveillance System & Public Address System. With its headquarters in UK, Norden brings British quality with International standard to the Global market.


Establish as a global and innovative leader in IT & Enterprise solutions for creating an accessible world


Improve customer’s lives through meaningful innovation and customized solutions.


Customers stand first
Embrace and drive change
Be adventurous, creative and Open Minded
Respect individual

We are fast expanding our global presence entering new markets with wider product offerings. We have developed an enviable reputation for the supply of cables and accessories to a wide ranging client base. We operate in multinational markets offering global service and local knowledge.

Central to our philosophy is the recognition that our performance is critical to our customer's success. Our leading end innovative developments and solutions deliveries keeps our customers one step ahead in their competitive markets. Our dedicated quality assurance team operates a quality management system approved to ISO 9001. All our cables and products are rigorously tested and fully certified with test documentation to international standards. We bring new and innovative products with the required approvals to meet our customer's ever changing requirement to keep abreast with the fast changing technology and market competition. Specialists from our organization work closely with our customer to offer solutions made to their individual requirement.


Communication is the backbone of every known market segment. Today communication industry is moving towards unified network for all communication needs, this convergence of voice, data and video brings the need for scalable infrastructure.

Norden provides solutions for optimization of communication infrastructure and play key role in ensuring profitability and superior user experience. Our optimal solutions deliver lowest cost for reliable network for the existing and emerging services.

Our wide ranging fibre and copper solutions cater from service provider to individual customer, from backbone infrastructure to premises network.


Modern intelligent buildings integrate various Extra Low Voltage systems like Communication, Building management systems and Integrated Services systems. Traditional these systems where installed under various divisions of specifications, now slowly many of them are networked over TCP/IP protocol.

Norden provides solutions for Communication through Structured Cabling Networks. Our end to end fibre and copper cabling solution provides high speed connection to each office, residence and end user to enhance efficiency, quality and working environment.

Our wide ranging fibre and copper solution cater to Building Management Systems encompassing Building Automation Systems, Security Automation Systems and Fire Automation systems.


In this age of computerization industrial automation is becoming increasingly important in the manufacturing process, automated machines are capable of doing repetitive work quickly and efficiently, robotic machines can handle work that are hazardous to human to increase the productivity.

Norden provides solutions for communication networking that is structured and customized to individual customer requirement. We have extensive range of control and instrumentation cables that work to various proprietary cabling of reputed brands and open standards.

Norden instrumentation, multi-conductor, multi-pair, bus cables cater to a wide range of industrial system connectivity. Fibre cables and copper communication cables and solutions support latest PC based and networking protocol based systems to automate and control industry wide solutions.


The influence of utility automation systems is important aspects of everyday life in most parts of the world, in the shape of electric power, gas and water utility systems. They form the backbone of the population and will impact their daily business and life. A new trend has been rising to interconnect automation systems to achieve faster reaction times, to optimize decisions, and to collaborate between plants, enterprises and industry sectors. Initially, such interconnections were based on obscure, specialized, and proprietary communication means and protocols. Now more and more open and standardized Internet technologies are used for that purpose.

Norden fibre and copper cables are used extensively in the distributed control system (DCS) and the supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems widely used in utility systems.

Norden Communication UK Ltd. Product Portfolio:

  • * Structure Cabling
  • * Data cables & Networking Accessories
  • * Fiber cables & Fiber Accessories
  • * Telecom & Telephone Cables
  • * Industrial and Audio Cables
  • * Fire Resistance Cables
  • * CCTV Products(Both IP & Analog)
  • * Public Address System(PA System)
  • * Cabinet & Accessories

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